About Me


My name is Anna Pavlova. Welcome to my blog. I’m so excited you are here! I’d like to share with you a personal philosophy that has brought me much happiness and improved my life in ways I never anticipated.

Almost a decade ago, I found myself very frustrated with issues of balance in my life. The major one was of a “theory vs practice” nature. At the time, I was in Grad School working on Communication and Cultural Studies, which meant an enormous amount of reading and critical analyses. It eventually took me to levels of abstract thinking that I never thought possible.

However, I often felt that my life was lacking what we commonly refer to “real-life” skills. I felt as though I needed more practical learning in other to achieve a holistic personal development. 

That’s when I decided to learn ONE NEW SKILL EVERY YEAR of my life from then on. In my journey to meet this challenge, I discovered that there was a lot more to this philosophy than had initially envisioned. Over the years, it has enabled me to fulfill childhood dreams, solve problems, enhance my resume, face my fears, improve my sense of achievement and self-esteem, develop an amazing network of friends, among many other amazing outcomes.

It carried me through rough times!

It became my personal fountain of youth!

That’s what this blog is about. Here, I share my experiences and talk about how and why this philosophy works the way it does, in other words, the theories and methodologies behind it. Here you’ll find inspiring stories of how people have changed their lives by continuously learning new skills. Occasionally, there will be reviews of related books and movies.

I invite you to take this challenge. Set a personal goal to learn a new skill this year and discover the how the new skill philosophy will positively affect your life. Join me in a community where we can share our stories, encourage each other, exchange ideas and tips.  This is a space for my journey, your journey, our journey!

It is nice to meet you!!!

 Anna Pavlova

(Mother, wife, friend, professor, dancer, biker, writer, international cook, linguist, photographer, blogger, hiker, public speaker, makeup artist, filmmaker … and many more to come. And that’s the point!)